“The Reflection” by Christopher Clark


  • Artist: Christopher Clark
  • Available in Giclée Canvas Wrap or Paper editions
  • Made in the USA


Alice encounters herself in the Looking Glass.  But which Alice is real, and which is the reflection?

So many details in this piece!

  • Different outfit accessories on each Alice
  • “Nice” Alice is holding a pocket watch, about to strike 13; “evil” Alice is holding a skull
  • The Wonderland background on each side is consistent with the mood of the respective Alice
  • Faces in the flowers – happy/jovial on one side; sad/evil/dead on the other
  • The Caterpillar is in each bottom corner, blowing smoke from his hookah. The Alice’s are standing on these smoke clouds…is this the Caterpillar’s dream?
  • Steampunk and clock texture in background, done with copper leaf
  • The archway of the mirror is done in an Art Nouveau style, with copper leaf. Do you see the Cheshire Cat?
  • Within this archway are written the words “We’re All Mad Here”, visible if you turn the painting upside down

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Select a Size

12×16, 18×24, 25.5×34, 30×40

Choose a Media Option

Canvas, Paper


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