“Down the Rabbit Hole” by Christopher Clark Original


  • Artist: Christopher Clark
  • Oil on wood panel
  • Size 36″ x 18″


“Down the Rabbit Hole:” With Alice’s legendary fall down the rabbit hole begins her epic journey through Wonderland. Similar to his other Alice paintings, Christopher’s new Alice in Wonderland painting has several hidden features.

  • The King and Queen of Hearts playing cards are at the bottom right
  • The “Drink Me” bottle is down there too
  • The White Rabbit can be seen on the left, almost out of the frame
  • The Cheshire Cat’s grin is in the clouds at the bottom right
  • The book floating nearby has “Alice in Wonderland” on the cover, as if Alice were reading the book about herself before falling down the Rabbit Hole


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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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