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If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the amazing artwork of Kat Tatz on murals found at the Mandalay Bay and the Linq on the World Famous Strip or on business and residential murals throughout the city. Kat Tatz art has a unique and memorable look featuring lighthearted and whimsical themes which always tells a story and captivates audiences.

Kat follows a generation of artists starting with her father and grandfather who were painters and sculpturers. One of Kat’s first memories as a child was her father teaching her how to draw a portrait at the kitchen table. From that moment on, Kat was hooked on art and shunned dolls in favor of crayons and paints.

As a child, Kat was enamored by the neon lights and describes the entire valley at night as an “incandescent cartoon, as if I was living in an old postcard cliche.” Kat was influenced by entertainers such as Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Wayne Newton and the Las Vegas showgirls with all their feathers and bling so much that she states, “I never have to worry about running out of ideas or concepts to paint.” This is also why Kat Tatz rarely plans out a painting. “I just allow the painting itself to inspire me as I create it. Sometimes I will be painting and accidentally spill or smudge the paint while it’s still wet, and I discover that the accident actually made the piece better! For this reason, I try not to focus on making the painting what I initially want it to be but rather allow the painting to flow naturally resulting in what the painting is supposed to be. All of my paintings tell a story and in some cases, they will foretell a future event in my life that has not taken place yet or a secret unknown experience, only to be revealed to me months later.”

Kat Tatz works in various mediums including acrylic, oils, latex, and clay. Sometimes she can complete a painting in a couple of days and other times it can take months or years. Kat will work on a number of different paintings at one time, often putting a painting aside and revisiting it later when she feels most inspired to work on that particular piece. Kat has made paintings as small as business cards and as large as buildings.

Kat continues her path as a self-educated artist by attending workshops featuring some of the greatest master artists and was especially enlightened by the teachings she received from the great Daniel E Greene. Kat Tatz currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and her artwork can be found in numerous galleries throughout the US including California, Colorado, Nevada and Louisiana.

Example of Kat Tatz’s work

Examples of Kat Tatz's work

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